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The Stubby Holder, Is It Right For Your Brand?

The humble Stubby Holder and why it is so important in many Australian business marketing plans and we as a Brisbane Promotional Products company – Sell a lot of them to our clients

Stubby holders are a perfect item to customise for an occasion.

This could be at a product launch and all attendees are given a stubby holder to use with the newly launched products details on it.

Or they are a perfect promo item for businesses to use to give to their valued clients.

Clients will use them and when a client is using the branded stubby holder – The customer is promoting your brand and logo.

stubby holders

Why They Are Such A Great Promotional Product!

  • They are a low cost item to purchase
  • They are lightweight and unbreakable
  • They do not date or go out of fashion
  • They are reusable
  • They are a great sized item to be branded
  • They are kept and used for years.

Stubby holders are an item that is usually kept and people will keep them on hand at their home, club, workplace or even take them on holidays.

Think about the last BBQ you were at??

The first thing a host does is offer you a drink, and if it is a can or a bottle they will look for a stubby holder for you to use.

You really do keep your name on everyone’s lips when you use drink ware as a promotional product.


Stubby holders are not always going to be an ideal promo product for all industries and they are used all over the world. In the USA they referred to as a Koozie

And these are some of the criterias we use at Brissy Promo when working out what branded merchandise is going to suit a business and match to their clients the best

To have your business or brand stand out and be remembered, you have to work on your brand.

Your brand is what your customers remember and relate to.

Any your brand isn’t just your name – it is made up of logos, taglines and colours.

It is also identified by your customers as the feel it gives them – Is it fun, serious, old school or modern?

Certain branded products will not always work with the branding that you have created.

You want to use a promotional product that your clients can link to your brand and it is something that they will enjoy using and want to keep and more importantly make them feel good about being your customer.

The right promotional product given to your potential customers or your current customers will have a huge ROI.

This is why we at Brissy Promo Offer our FREE Branding Overview

We want to ensure that your customers will feel these emotions when they receive a well thought out corporate gift or a piece of branded merchandise.

Book your branding overview and you will get to see our range of products so you can see first hand what your clients will also see when they receive them

We work with you to understand your customers – Or the recipients of the promotional items.
The items must be a great match to those who receive them. Eg Stubby holders would not work at a Baby Trade show but they would work at a Camping Trade show

Would stubby holders be a Corporate gift that an accounting firm would give??
Probably not but they are an ideal product for a trade company to give to their customers!

We actually recommend them as a Perfect Promotional Product for our Mechanic clients.

How Will You Brand Yourself?

We work out with you your branding style.

What colours will you use, do you have a suitable logo and what message do you want to convey.
We have on hand graphic artists who can design the artwork and colour selections
Be consistent and you will achieve better customer retention with the right corporate gifts.

If you are known as “That company that gives out the cool stuff” Then make sure you keep up with the trends and give them a cool new gadget. If you are “That Company that gives out the great calendars” – You may be looking at a client revolt if you do not deliver their yearly calendar.

And that same is said when it comes you using the stubby holder as a yearly gift – Each year we have new styles and designs so that your customers can look forward to a new stubby holder from you each year

Call Virginia today to book in her complimentary Branding Overview on 07 3064 0680

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She will travel to you and get to know you and your business so you can both work out what branded products are going to be the best fit for your clients…. Maybe it will be a stubby holder!!